Stump Removal in Orange County

While old tree stumps can be a pain, the sight isn't appealing and they can even be hazardous in your yard if you have kids playing or often have lawn mowing equipment in your yard. While leaving a tree stump in the ground isn't the most aesthetically pleasing site, especially if the tree stump is starting to decay and attract wood-boring insects such as beetles, termites and ants. Tree stumps can even start to sprout new tree growth if not removed in a timely fashion. 

When removing a tree stump homeowners can choose to have the stump ground away. The process of stump grinding most often consists of a high rpm stump grinder machine which will process the tree stump into fine wood chips which we will them return to your soil as mulch. While most of the time stumps are ground 8"-10" below existing soil grade, there are times where the stump may need to be ground a few extra inches to ensure the complete removal of the tree stump. 

Most homeowners desire to have a root pruning process of the stump as well to rid of any unwanted tree roots and stop the spread of troubled roots that are nearing the home, a fence or concrete. 

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