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Tree Cutting Services

Tree Cutting Services, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Tree Cutting Solutions

JLG Tree Service provides Tree Cutting Services within the greater Orange County area. JLG has countless years of experience within the tree-cutting industry and offers a broad range of tree service equipment & trucks that are fully equipped to handle residential & commercial jobs of any size. Our owner is a second-generation tree care specialist with 10+ years of hands-on experience servicing over 1000 satisfied clients throughout Orange County and surrounding cities.

JLG Tree Service is a fully licensed C-61/D49 tree-cutting service company that delivers professional tree-cutting and tree/stump removal services, as well as weed abatement, concrete removal, and Bobcat services, throughout Orange County at affordable rates. Whether you need tree cutting services in Newport Beach or concrete demolition in Santa Ana, we've got you covered.

The Art of Tree Cutting Services in Orange County

Our team at JLG Tree Removal Orange County has years of experience handling hazardous trees as well as tree cutting, pruning, removal, and more. We are currently only servicing Orange County and its surrounding cities. We understand that your situation may be unique, which is why we are here to give you a free estimate because we understand that not every tree is the same and your situation is unique.

Tree Cutting Work Process

Here's a step-by-step look at how we approach tree cutting:

  • Before cutting begins, our certified arborists comprehensively evaluate the tree and its surroundings. We consider the tree's health, size, condition, and the proximity of nearby structures.

  • Safety is paramount, so we establish safety zones and use appropriate protective gear. Our team follows strict safety protocols to minimize risks during the cutting process.

  • In cases where tree preservation is possible, we opt for selective pruning to remove only diseased or dead branches, improving the tree's health and aesthetics.

  • When tree removal is necessary, we employ controlled cutting techniques. We start by making strategic cuts to control the tree's fall direction and ensure minimal disruption to the surroundings.

  • For large trees or those in confined spaces, we use specialized rigging equipment to safely lower branches or sections of the tree to the ground. This minimizes the risk of damage to property or landscaping.

  • Once the tree is safely on the ground, we use chainsaws to cut it into manageable sections. These sections are then chipped into mulch or carefully removed from the site.

  • Our work doesn't end with tree removal. We pride ourselves on leaving your property immaculate. We remove all debris, including branches, leaves, and twigs, ensuring your property is clean and tidy.

  • We offer stump grinding services to remove tree stumps and level the area for future landscaping or construction if requested.

  • We adhere to environmentally responsible practices. We recycle wood and organic materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

  • Our arborists conduct a final inspection to ensure the site is safe, clean and meets your satisfaction.

Call JLG Tree Cutting Service and Tree Removal Orange County or submit a Contact Us form to get started on your tree cutting services, today! If you have questions for our tree care specialist we are happy to help, we are open Monday through Saturday from 6am until 6pm. Call 714-770-1850 to schedule your free onsite estimate of tree-cutting services, tree removals, stump removal, tree trimming & pruning, and so much more!

Institute of Real Estate Management
Tree Care Industry of America
Board Certified Master Arborist ISA
Community Associations Institute
BOMA International
Golf Course Superintendents Association
California Association of Community Management