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Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance, Costa Mesa, CA Iconic palm trees are a distinctive part of the landscape across properties in Anaheim, CA. While naturally resilient, palms require routine maintenance from skilled professionals to remain healthy, visually appealing, and structurally sound. JLG Tree Service specializes in comprehensive palm tree care using industry-leading practices perfected through our extensive local experience.

High-Grade Palm Tree Maintenance

We are a licensed, insured C-61/D49 tree care company trusted by residential and commercial clients across Orange County. We offer scheduled maintenance plans tailored to the needs of your specific palm trees. Our expertise keeps your palms thriving and optimizes their health, safety, and visual appeal over their lifespan.

Our certified arborists thoroughly inspect each palm to determine its individual maintenance needs. We then employ targeted pruning techniques to open the canopy for improved airflow, reduce excessive weight from fronds, and remove any compromised branches or foliage posing safety risks. Selective removal of discolored or damaged fronds also creates a tidier, vibrant appearance.

What Our Palm Tree Care Includes

Our meticulous yet minimalistic approach follows responsible practices to maintain structural integrity and prolong the longevity of your palm trees. Here is a detailed look at our palm tree maintenance services:

  • Pruning - We strategically trim fronds and branches to shape the canopy, improve air circulation, reduce wind resistance, and remove dead or dying foliage. This enhances health and appearance.

  • Frond removal - Old, discolored, or damaged fronds are removed to improve aesthetics. We only remove what's necessary to maintain growth and avoid shock.

  • Crown thinning - Selective thinning alleviates excessive weight and wind stress on the crown shaft. Proper thinning improves structural integrity.

  • Crown cleaning - We remove old flower/fruit clusters, debris, and dead fronds caught in the crown for a tidy appearance and to improve airflow and light exposure.

  • Fertilization - Palms are fertilized annually or biannually to stimulate healthy new growth. We use only palm-specific fertilizers.

  • Pest and disease control - Preventative fungicide and insecticide treatments maintain palm health and vigor. We identify and treat any active infestations as needed.

  • Nutrient deficiency correction - We'll identify and correct any nutrient deficiencies compromising the palm through targeted treatments.

  • Cable installation - Cables are installed through the fronds as proactive support in high wind conditions if needed for safety.

  • Safety and risk assessment - Our certified arborists will inspect for risks like overhead fronds, trunk damage, or nutrient deficiencies that could pose safety issues. Any hazards are promptly corrected.

  • Expert advice - We provide science-based recommendations on optimal species-specific care so your palms stay healthy and well-maintained.
We are a proven company with an excellent standing in the county. Our seasoned local arborists apply their collective expertise and perform industry best practices for your palm trees. Whether you have a few or many palm trees on your premises, we can help maintain them so they thrive and always look great.

For additional details about our palm tree maintenance, contact the JLG Tree Service experts at 714-770-1850 or 951-741-7189. You can also write to us via this Online Form.

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