Stump Grinding Vs Tree Removal: What Is the Difference?

A lot of people ask "What's the difference between stump grinding and tree removal?" The main difference is that stump grinding involves compacting solid organic material, generally soil, into a tight compacting pile that is easy to remove. Tree removal is the process of removing dead or dying trees. This process generally involves heavy equipment and more than likely requires permits and licenses. So how does stump grinding compare to tree removal?

Orange County Tree ServicesStump grinding is a fairly simple procedure that involves using a stump grinder to grind down the rough stem of the stump to a level and flat surface. Essentially, you're chopping away the entire stump in the hopes of reaching the core, which is the hard outer core of the wood. You may find the core to be covered with a shallow layer of earth, however this is often a good thing because it protects the inner core from being damaged by the grinding. Typically, if you can cut through all the layers of earth surrounding the stump, then you will reach the core.

There are many different types of stump grinder tools. You have a choice of steel hand pliers, which are designed to handle the toughness of the handles. There are also plastic hand pliers designed for use with smaller hand sizes. There are also different sized tools such as a chisel, which is better suited for smaller projects and stumps or a diamond blade which is the best for larger projects. If you purchase a tool that has a couple of cutting edges, then you will be able to cut through a lot more at one time.

One big difference between stump grinding and tree removal is the procedure in which they are performed. Stump grinding is done strictly with a grinding wheel, which is designed specifically for this job. Tree removal on the other hand requires digging up the entire stump. The person removing the stump must dig around it and eventually pound it down. Once the stump is down, then the tree removal process begins.

The main thing to remember when comparing stump grinding and tree removal is that they are two different tasks that require completely different tools. When preparing to grind your own stump you must prepare the area completely. Make sure that there are no trees or any other obstacles that can block your path. In addition you will need to take special precautions when operating a stump grinder tool.

If you are looking to save money, why not consider doing both jobs in one fell swoop. By hiring both a stump grinder and a tree removal contractor you can save a tremendous amount of time and money. Tree removal can be a very expensive task if you do not properly prepare for it and by using both at the same time, you will get the job done more quickly and at a significantly lower cost. Both are a huge time saver and can be done together without much down time.

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