Stump Grinding Service in Orange County

Tree stump removal is a job best handled by professionals. Removing tree stumps yourself can be messy, improper, and ineffective. Our company is based in Anaheim, California. We happily serve Orange County and all other surrounding counties. Our team of extensively experienced tree and stump removal professionals are highly skilled in using our state of the art machinery making sure your property and tree service needs are attended to accordingly.   

Safe, Effective and Affordable Stump Grinding Services

JLG Tree Service is designed to make our customers get the most cost-efficient and honest price available. Stump grinding is the preferred way of stump removal. Stump grinding prices vary depending on your needs. Tree stump grinding is the most efficient and cost-effective method for removing unwanted stumps, also allowing proper removal which can help prevent new tree growth and tree rot in the future. 

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