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Based in Anaheim, California, JLG Tree Service is a second-generation tree care specialist with 10+ years of hands on experience. We understand that each type of tree requires specific care and maintenance unique to its species and we have the know-how to apply those techniques. Often times, trees can be hazardous and even healthy looking trees may be suffering more than they are letting on. Any tree that may be posing a risk for your home or community may result in legal ramifications so before that happens; give us a call at JLG Tree Service for a free onsite consultation.

What we can do

When it comes to tree services, our customers rely on us to bring high-quality services, attention to detail, and maintain great tree health.

We are fully equipped with a diverse fleet of Bobcats to provide our clients with and affordable options. Our mini bobcats are perfect for residential services such as tree removal or trimming while our larger Bobcats can handle demolitions, clearing hillsides and even out new construction sites.

When not properly cared for, weeds and vegetation can grow very aggressively and quickly become unmanageable. We are able to safely and effectively clear the property with our Bobcat equipment and take the proper procedures to discourage regrowth of any unwanted weeds.

Old tree stumps can get in the way and also be a pain in the yard. They can be hazardous and attract wood-boring insects or even sprout new tree growth if not removed. You can choose to have the stump ground away or prune the ruts to stop the spread of the roots on your property.

 Whether you need palm trimming in Newport or concrete demolition in Santa Ana, we’ve got you covered. JLG Tree Services are here to determine the best solutions for your tree care and landscaping needs.  

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