Palm Tree Trimming

A palm tree, while majestic and glamorous, can turn into a deadly hazard if proper maintenance is not performed by a palm tree trimming expert. If than three years of dead palm fronds have accumulated in a palm tree, the very heavy skirt can suddenly and unexpectedly collapse and fall to the ground, damaging property, people, pets, and anything else which is underneath it. At JLG Tree Service, we make sure property owners are aware of who is properly providing their tree trimming service.

If a property owner hires an unlicensed landscaper, the property owner can be held liable for any injuries or deaths that may occur during a job. This is why you should hire our professional tree service company to provide you expert tree care services. We have the necessary knowledge and right equipment to do the job safely. We perform our palm tree skinning from the safety of a aerial lift or access line.

Palm tree trimming is one of the riskiest jobs any licensed tree trimmer can perform and should not be taken lightly by the consumer or professional. If you own palm trees and are looking for professional palm tree trimming in Anaheim, CA contact JLG Tree Service today!