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When a Tree Falls on Your Home: How Westminster Tree Service Can Help

April 18, 2023 by Jose Guerrero

When a Tree Falls on Your Home: How Westminster Tree Service Can Help, CA

Trees play a crucial role in our environment, giving us various advantages like ample shade, oxygen, and aesthetic satisfaction. At the same time, they can also be a potential hazard, especially during harsh weather conditions such as a storm or hurricane. A fallen tree can result in serious damage to property and community, leaving you and your neighbors feeling scared for your safety. This article will discuss how Tree Services can take action when a tree falls on your home.

Inspecting the Damage

Inspecting the damage caused by a fallen tree is a critical first step. Professional arborists have the experience and expertise to figure out the level of damage and create a plan to carefully remove the fallen tree. Professionals can also determine if nearby trees or buildings have been affected and require attention.

Removing the Tree

Removing a fallen tree from your property is a complicated process that requires state-of-the-art equipment. If you are searching for tree service near Orange County, you should know that professional arborists have the skills and equipment needed to remove a tree without causing more damage to your land. They utilize cranes, ropes, and other types of equipment to safely cut and remove hazardous trees, ensuring no further damage happens to your property.

The professionals can also work with your insurance company so you can have peace of mind over the removal cost and feel assured that compensation for repairing the damage will be granted.

Mending the Damage

Once a fallen tree has been removed from the premises, you will need help mending any damage it caused to your home and neighborhood. Professional arborists can help you with this process by offering the following types of service:

  • Roof repair: A fallen tree could destroy your roof, leading to issues such as water damage, higher energy bills, pest infestations, decreased home value, structural damage, health issues, and code violations. The professionals can mend your roof and prevent further issues from happening.
  • Window replacement: If a tree falls on your home, it could result in broken or cracked windows. The professionals can upgrade your windows and restore the safety of your property.
  • Structural repairs: A fallen tree can result in structural damage, jeopardizing the safety of you and your family. Professionals can fix structural deterioration caused by a fallen tree and give your family a sense of security.

Preventing Further Damage

After experiencing tree damage to your home, it is normal to be wary of potential damage in the future. Professionals can offer the following preventative measures that lower the risk of future damage caused by fallen trees:

  • Tree trimming: Routine tree trimming can help maintain the health and strength of trees and lower the chances of branches falling and resulting in damage.
  • Tree removal: If one of your trees falls, professionals can remove them with ease and prevent your home from facing future damage.
  • Risk assessment: Professionals can also assess the health of trees and give you suggestions on how to lower the risk of future damage.


If you are looking for Westminster tree service in the aftermath of a tree falling on your property, JLG Tree Service can help. Hiring professionals ensures safety, and you can feel at ease knowing damage will be efficiently mended and potential hazards will be prevented at all costs. Give us a call at (714) 770-1850. Our team is eager to guide you through the process and can provide a free on-site estimate.

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