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What to Do With a Dead Tree on Your Property

May 19, 2021 by Max Sanchez

Dead Tree Removal, Costa Mesa CA

While Nothing is sadder than a tree that has come to the end of its life on your property. While there is nothing that can be done to revive and save a deteriorating tree, catching this issue may save you thousands of dollars later on down the road. At JLG Tree Service our main concern is for the safety of your home or property. A dead tree can be extremely dangerous and cause severe damage if it were to fall on its own which is why it’s crucial to call a tree specialist capable of removing and disposing of the dead tree from your property safely and effectively.

Signs your Tree is Dead

While getting a professional’s opinion is always recommended there are a few ways to tell yourself whether your tree is dead or not. A dead tree is different from a tree whose health is declining because oftentimes an unhealthy tree can be saved with the right tree care. Below are a few symptoms to watch out for to tell whether your tree is dead or just unhealthy.

  • Deadwood: If the tree bark and braces are falling off on their own or at a gentle touch, it is likely the tree is dead.
  • Damaged Roots: Damaged visible roots are a tell-tale sign that your tree is likely on it’s last leg.
  • Trunk Damage: Visible damage to the trunk of the tree where the bark is falling off or if you see vertical cracks on the trunk. Trunk damage can be very dangerous to the trees surrounding the property.
  • Empty Branches: If your tree branches are empty and bare during a time of the year when they should be full and lush, it is most likely that your tree is dead and should be removed.
  • Mushrooms at the Base of the Tree: Mushrooms are actually quite a good indicator that the tree has possible internal rot which can be extremely dangerous to your home and property.

When to Remove Dead Trees from Your Property

You should never try to remove a large tree on your own and it’s important to call a professional if you believe that you have a dead tree on your property. Our tree arborists will be able to correctly determine whether your tree is dead or if it is alive and salvageable. During your time with a professional tree specialist, we will likely go over a quote to perform tree removal to avoid any possible injuries, or damage to the home or property, or avoid any potential lawsuits.

Over 100 people each year are killed by falling trees when trying to remove them on their own. JLG Tree Service offers free onsite consultations, assessments, and quotes to remove dead trees from your property. Give our office a call at (714) 770-1850 to speak with a tree care specialist, today.

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