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Protect Your Fruit Trees with Orange County Tree Service

March 6, 2023 by Jose Guerrero

Protect Your Fruit Trees with Orange County Tree Service, Costa Mesa CA

Healthy fruit trees are visually appealing, offer delicious produce, and can significantly add value to your property. When pests, diseases, and harsh weather pose a threat to your fruit trees, you can employ a professional Orange County tree service to protect them.

The Benefits of Fruit Trees

Fruit trees offer many environmental benefits, such as providing fresh, healthy produce and enhancing air quality. They also elevate the value of a property, make landscapes look vibrant, and offer animals food and shelter.

Maintaining fruit trees is no small feat. Orange County tree services require time, patience, background knowledge, and effort to keep fruit treats healthy. In addition to watering and pruning services, fruit trees need adequate care to protect them from specific diseases, pests, and environmental hazards.

How to Protect Your Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are prone to a host of bacterial diseases, fungal infections, and pests. Environmental stressors such as wind, frost, and hail can negatively impact a fruit tree’s growth and production.

Here are some of the most common infections and pests that impact fruit trees in Orange County:

  • Citrus Canker: a bacterial disease that can cause defoliation and fruit drop for citrus trees. Lesions appear on the tree’s leaves, fruit, and twigs.
  • Powdery Mildew: a fungal disease that impacts a variety of fruit trees, such as apples, pears, and peaches. A white, powdery substance grows on the leaves, fruit, and stems, leading to defoliation and reduced fruit quality.
  • Fruit Flies: pests that lay eggs in fruit and result in maggots.
  • Spider Mites: pests that eat leaves and cause trees to turn yellow and slow down fruit production.

Healthy protection of fruit trees requires knowledge of their specific needs and weaknesses. Professional arborists have years of experience and knowledge to protect and maintain fruit trees adequately.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Arborists

Professional arborists offer complete care for fruit trees, including planting and pruning services. They can detect and effectively diagnose issues with your fruit trees and provide personalized solutions to save them.

Professionals also have the tools and specialized equipment to remove damaged or diseased branches and stop pests from harming your trees.

In addition to proper tools and equipment, professionals have advanced technology to ensure your fruit trees get the most efficient treatment possible. They have access to pest control products that are not readily available in stores.

Types of Protection for Fruit Trees

Some of the most common protection services professionals offer are pest and disease control, pruning and trimming, and fruit thinning.

Pest and disease control entails detecting and treating infections that may target your fruit trees. Treatment can involve spraying natural insecticides or fungicides.

Tree pruning and tree trimming services help eliminate dead or destroyed branches, encourage healthy growth, and boost fruit production. Fruit thinning is especially important to encourage healthy growth and prevent the overcrowding of fruit.


If you want to maintain your fruit trees’ health and lifespan, a professional Orange County tree service can help. Professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to help your trees grow and thrive. Are you interested in tree service near me? Please call (714)770-1850 to schedule a free onsite estimate.

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