How to Choose the Best Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is a big project that demands the assistance of a qualified arborist. As cutting down and removing trees may be very dangerous, you must trust your tree removal team of highly qualified professionals. By selecting your tree removal company wisely, you can engage in your tree removal with total confidence. So, we are … Read more

Stump Grinding Vs Tree Removal: What Is the Difference?

Orange County Tree Services

A lot of people ask “What’s the difference between stump grinding and tree removal?” The main difference is that stump grinding involves compacting solid organic material, generally soil, into a tight compacting pile that is easy to remove. Tree removal is the process of removing dead or dying trees. This process generally involves heavy equipment … Read more

Why Choose JLG Tree Service?

There are several reasons why a client should choose J LG Tree Service in regards to tree trimming and tree removals. First of all, JLG Tree Service offers many services besides tree trimming. They offer landscaping, tree/stump removal, concrete removal, weed management, stump grinding, bobcat services and more.Clients who have trees planted should look at … Read more

Why you Should Prune and Trim Your Trees

JLG Tree Service offers tree trimming and tree pruning services all throughout Orange County and its surrounding cities. In addition to offering hazardous tree and branch removal, we also offer palm tree trimming, crown thinning to enhance the safety and curb appeal of your home or property as well as structural and vista pruning.

• Pruning Improves The Over All Health Of Your Trees
Pruning or trimming your trees involves cutting off any dead, decayed, or infested branches you find on your tree. If this is not done, the rest of the tree can become infected and this could ultimately kill your tree entirely. Your trees also need adequate air and sunlight and pruning will create the spaces for air and sunlight to penetrate deep into the center of the tree for ultimate new growth.
• Growth Control
It’s crucial to maintain your trees new growth which means many trees require tree pruning or tree cutting services provided at least once a year. Unkempt trees can cause potential dangers and lawsuits if an unsteady branch were to fall on someone walking by, a car or someone elses property leaving the property owner completely liable. The most effective way to control the growth of your trees is to prune them. You wouldn’t want your trees to grow into your neighbor’s yard, which could cause problems for you, especially if your tree damages their property. Prune your trees to fit into your landscaping limits.
• Pest & Insect Control
One of the benefits of pruning and trimming outdoor trees and shrubs is that pests and insects are better managed. If the insects on your property are not controlled, there can be serious concern. Tent worms are colonizing insects that build nests in your trees and eat the surrounding foliage. While the insects might not necessarily kill off the plant, they can spread diseases, weakening the plant and increasing the likelihood of falling branches. If the trees are too close to your home, the insects can make their way into your home or invite other unwanted pests to nest inside the wood.
• Enhance the appearance of your yard. Like a haircut, pruning gives your trees a fresh look. In turn, they lend beauty to your landscape. If your property is located near natural structures, such as lakes, pruning can also enhance the view you can enjoy from your home or yard.
• Treat and prevent diseases from spreading. Like human beings, trees can acquire diseases too. They can get weak over time and one way to help them get better is through pruning. Infected branches are removed to prevent the disease from spreading.

Proper tree trimming and tree pruning techniques promote tree growth and fruit production, improve safety, and adds to the beauty of your home or business. JLG Tree Service is a locally owned, second-generation tree trimming service with over a decade of hands-on experience delivering high-quality tree services at an affordable rate. We are extremely familiar and knowledgeable regarding the tree species local to Orange County and are highly-qualified to perform tree trimming and tree pruning services. We understand that every tree has unique needs and requires the appropriate tree trimming techniques for its species which is why we offer free onside estimates for all tree services. Call now or submit a form on our website today to contact our tree specialists at JLG Tree Service.

What to Do With a Dead Tree on Your Property

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Stump Grinding and Removal

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